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Up One Hundred Plus mp3    Hire an Attorney mp3    Its Time mp3    Stand Up mp3    100 plus with drum solo mp3 Randy plays conga on left of drum kit.
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2018 Stacy Dominguez & VeniceLion & Blues/Rock with Cruising for Jesus (Live Recordings)
Stacy Dominguez & First Men of Promise (Live Recordings & video)

Chauncey Photos

Opened for "Blues Image", "Iron Butterfly","Eric Burdon and War"... ...
1969 Sellend Arena Fresno, Ca.1969 Bakersfield Civic Auditorium

1969 Iron Butterfly backstage1969 Sellend Arena: Randy

gig at Fine Arts Theater Fresno, Ca.gig at Hanford Civic Auditorium

1969 Backstage, Bakersfield, Ca.1969 Backstage, Bakersfield, Ca.

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Jam mp3    Up 100 plus drum solo mp3    Stand mp3    Hire an Attorney mp3    Wrapped up in Love mp3    It's Time mp3    Jesus is coming soon mp3    The City mp3    Spirit mp3    Highway 49 mp3    Evil & Born in Chicago mp3    No Joke mp3    I see you mp3    For real mp3    Willy Brown mp3    The days are long mp3    Up 100 plus mp3    Its a new day mp3    Walking the dog mp3    Freedom mp3    Heart fixer mp3    Something funny honey mp3