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C# & Open Source & JavaScript

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, PHP, Xcode Objective C, Android Java programming
MySQL database & MS SQL & Reporting Services, C#, VB, ASP.NET & Photoshop, Flash etc.
(fast coding & implementation) Honesty and Integrity
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Web Developer / Programmer I'm in Clovis, Ca.

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NOTE: this is not a template eye candy site. Just a simple list of projects and interests.
I love coding, collaboration and learning.
Seasoned Web Developer & Drummer:

androidandroidDeveloper Android app music player (it's free!). iPhone & iPad app music player (it's free! Simply click add to home screen at ( veiw source and the source code and the JavaScript is all there so you can make your own music app for webkit browsers) The content can be modified without the user having to update or re-install the app on the app store for both Android, iPhone & iPad.

(The mobile web) I program HTML 5, CSS 3 stylesheets and JavaScript for your website so it will display and communicate with mobile devices and Responsive design: I develop mobile versions of websites, remove flash etc. and change display for mobile devices.

.net Microsoft just works and is secure Release Of Medical Information Online Application utilizing ASP.NET, MS SQL database (LINQ to SQL), .NET Reporting Services, Ajax Control Toolkit & Telerik Rad Controls. The idea and best practice is to leverage existing technologies without re-inventing the wheel to deliver high quality with the least amount of hours and cost. (LINQ saves hours of coding a data layer to MS SQL Server) Typically 80% faster to code data access for insert, update, delete and complex joins and database queries using data objects instead of sending SQL strings to the database.
The released application in actual operation has user login and users and roles assigned using the .NET Membership API with my addition of a Client identifier so mulitple Clients with their own specific users can use and administrate the deployed application and it's users and user roles.

Joomla is the best, fastest and easiest way to build custom public facing websites   &  & many more... You create a Home page (Graphic Artist creates a PSD in Photoshop which is a picture of your site) then that's converted; hand coding HTML, CSS and graphics and then you convert that into a wordpress theme or Joomla template and using built in administration pages, navigation, plugins etc. are added and the Client can log in and edit their own web site. Easily set up and deployed on inexpensive Linux (LAMP) hosting. This is free PHP and MySql database Content Management Systems and blogging Software. Of course you can also make a screen shot of a site you like and copy it and replace graphics with your own and use it as a site template. Or choose and use one of the thousands of templates already pre-built to use for your site and simply brand it with your own graphics and content.(the cheapist and fastest way to produce your site).
Public facing website I built working under the direction of Graphic Artist Johnny Bailik. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash.


Adobe Flex 3 utilizing .NET or PHP webservices and MS SQL or MySql Database

Opt In Widget    Sign Up Widget
Flash, utilizing MS SQL and/or MySql back end database.    Sample inexpensive Business Website
Flash Band website, Music samples player, Video, Contact, Band pictures.....

Animated Flash Report
Flash, animated report for using ActionScript reading XML file for report data.

Display Movies
Flash, display movies in sequence.

JavaScript Shopping cart built in 1999  Node js The New Everything
Google is developing node.js so Object Based JavaScript is making a big comeback. This JavaScript Shopping Cart was built back in 1999 utilizing Parent and Child frames running in the browser. Node.js runs on the Server and will allow Browser JavaScript to communicate directly with the server and is part of the Chrome OS (Google V8 engine) which is under development.

If you need a cool Jazz combo contact me. Listen at: West L.A. Jazz Players Society

A Model T and a CPU still require a distributor or a clock and timing. I think this makes the "String Theory" more plausible (TIMING).
It's just a machine and data processing.

JavaScript and the web and Grace Murray Hopper (She invented Software Engineering)    Grace Murray Hopper (Biography)

Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age, Kurt Beyer discusses...

Bill Gates: Internet To Make Universities Obsolete

Douglas MacArthur 1880 - 1964, Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II, stated,
“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed in to political and economic decline.”

laminin is what holds us together      Romans Chapter I (You Tube Video) 4:18 minutes.

Where I came from, the 70's, with punch cards, magnetic tape, Cobol, RPG, Assembly and Basic programming.
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